To set out guidelines at the University through:

  1. Leadership

    1. The provision of committed support for preventative and educational strategies to prepare staff/students in their careers to effectively manage HIV/AIDS;
    2. The development of strategies to assess and reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS especially in areas of prolonged illness and absenteeism in order to improve the quality of life for HIV/AIDS affected and infected staff and students.
    3. The creation of an environment where an individual’s dignity and right to confidentiality is respected;
  2. Safe environment

    1. The elimination of unfair discrimination in the workplace based on an individual's HIV status.
    2. The creation of a caring, supportive and non-discriminating environment;
    3. The provision of awareness, prevention and wellness programmes.
  3. Co-ordinated and integrated response

    1. The creation of an enabling environment to ensure a comprehensive, holistic and co-ordinated response to mainstream HIV/AIDS through all aspects of the core functions of the University.