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World Health Organisation

WHO LogoConsolidated guidelines on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations In this new consolidated guidelines document on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations, the World Health Organization brings together all existing guidance relevant to five key populations – men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, people in prisons and other closed settings, sex workers and transgender people – and updates selected guidance and recommendations.


HEAIDS LogoHEAIDS: The Higher Education HIV/AIDS Programme (HEAIDS) is South Africa’s first nationally co-ordinated, comprehensive and large-scale effort designed to develop, strengthen and support the capacity, systems, and the structures of all the public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in managing and mitigating the causes, challenges and consequences of HIV/AIDS in the sub-sector.


HIVAN logoHIVAN: The Centre for HIV/AIDS Networking (HIVAN) focusses on networking in South Africa around HIV/AIDS. A primary project of HIVAN is the HIV911 Helpline, which uses HIVAN's National Database of HIV/AIDS Service providers to refer callers to HIV/AIDS services in their area. This database is available on the HIVAN website, alongwith current HIV/AIDS News stories.




Rape Outcry

Rape outcry logoRape Outcry: As the name Rape Outcry implies, our main purpose is to bring sexual abuse out into the open. By running campaigns that depict rape for what it truly is, we are hoping to bring the public to a place of accountability. We envision a society in which rape and molestation will no longer be acceptable.




idasa logoIDASA: IDASA is an independent public interest organisation committed to promoting sustainable democracy based on active citizenship, democratic institutions, and social justice. On our website, you will find more about IDASA's programmes and areas of work. The site is regularly updated and contains a monthly newsletter with all the latest highlights, to which you can subscribe at no cost.

SA Partners

SA Partners logoSA Partners: South Africa Partners (SA Partners) brings together the skills, talent, and resources needed to build the new South Africa. By working withcommunity organizations, academic institutions, and state and local government, SA Partners is able to bring together practitioners from the United States and South Africa who are committed to addressing social, political, and economic needs in a manner that strengthens communities, builds institutional capacity, and fosters local leadership.


International HIV/AIDS Alliance

logoInternational HIV/AIDS Alliance: Established in 1993, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance) is a global partnership of nationally-based organisations working to support community action on AIDS. Currently working in over 30 countries – those threatened by emerging HIV epidemics as well as those already heavily affected – the Alliance emphasises the importance of working with people who are most likely to affect or be affected by the spread of HIV. These are often people from marginalised groups who are the most vulnerable and the hardest to reach.

South African HIV Clinicians Society:

logoSouth African HIV Clinicians Society: The website for the largest professional HIV interest group in the world, with over 15,000 members. Contains journal articles, antiretroviral and treatment guidelines, ARV prices and more.

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

logoCentre for Disease Control and Prevention: As a part of its overall public health mission, CDC provides leadership in helping control the HIV/AIDS epidemic by working with community, state, national, and international partners in surveillance, research, and prevention and evaluation activities.


logoHIV911: A website containing an extensive collection of links to information on HIV/AIDS including: testing, treatment, symptoms, infection, the HI virus and the disease.

AIDS and HIV Information

Aiads ribbonA concise source of information set up by the Compton Community Centre.



CPR Certified

CPR Certified LogoUnderstanding Bloodborne Pathogens




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